If You're Struggling....

Please know that God’s heart is for YOU.   He does not judge you or condemn you because of your brokenness. In fact, He knows each and every issue that’s brought you to where you are today.  He knows the pain, hiding, shame and suffering that you face and He is the One who has the power to turn it all around and make your life new through Jesus Christ.

Silence fortifies brokenness!  The longer you stay silent about your issues, the more you will strengthen them.  It’s time to TALK!  Whether you talk to us, a friend, your pastor, or to one of the ministries listed on the Resources page, JUST TALK!  By bringing your struggles into the light, you’ll go a long way toward finding the freedom you are looking for.  That’s the first step.  The second step is a little more complicated.  It involves you being determined enough to take the steps and FIGHT for the life Jesus Christ died for you to have. 

It’s a process, but one that is well worth the fight.  YOUR LIFE CAN BE TRANSFORMED!  With God, all things are possible, and He promised to be with you every step along the way.

Please know that we will help you in any way we can.  We can point you toward training, resources, discipleship classes, books, DVD’s, worship music  – whatever you need.  There is a listening ear at the other end of this website, so please contact us if you need help or encouragement.

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