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In today's culture, there is an overwhelming need for a redemptive response to the sexual and relational issues that surround us.

Matthew 19:26 Ministries is dedicated to providing you with  the information and resources to equip you and your leaders, along with your congregation to meet the challenges of living and ministering in a sex-crazed world.

We provide comprehensive Christ-centered training on the subjects of homosexuality, pornography, sexual addiction and sexual abuse.  We also speak on a variety of topics related to personal purity, walking in spiritual wholeness before the Lord, the Father heart of God, and the transforming power of Jesus Christ.

These teachings can be facilitated through a variety of formats:

Sunday Morning/Mid-Week Services
Adult Sunday School
Men's and Women's Retreats
Parent and Youth Seminars
Conferences and Workshops

Current Topics/Teachings
(Specific information is available upon request)

21st Century Missions - Reaching the LGBTQ Community

Breaking the Silence - Homosexuality and the Response of the Church

Walking in Wholeness Before the Lord

The Transforming Power of Christ

The Heart of Father God

Men of Purity in a Porn Filled World

Fathers, Their Sons, and Porn

Youth and Porn - Be Careful Teen-aged Eyes What You See

Whole Sexuality - Healed and Delivered

Someone I Love Is Gay

Overcoming Sexual Abuse

Freedom from Sexual Addiction

Reaching the Gay Community-The New Urban Mission

Each program can be customized to fit any time frame of format.

For more information, please contact us at: 

Phone: 817-902-7462 

or e-mail us at 

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